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One week within installation of the floor, after we first washed it the floor began to delaminate. We notified the dealer and after nearly 3 months of working with the dealer, distributor and a factory rep they have refused to honor the warantee because they claim that our small dog caused the problems.

I state again that the floor failed in a dozen spots within one week.

There is no way a small dog could cause this problem in a weeks time in as many areas as there are problems.

Wilsonart does not stand behind its warantee and we would not recommend that you use their product in any area that will have even the slighest bit of moisture.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I have the same problem with Wilsoart they like to use your pets as a way out of there warranty.

My Wlisonart flooring is buckling at the seams in many place in the house.

Wilsonart had there Installation contractor come out to take up a sample of my Laminate flooring for testing.

So I pick a spot under the table in the middle of the living room. It has a 2" clearance from floor to bottom shelve( no way pets can crawl under it.)

Well you can guess the out come from Wilsonart Testing 1.) The pets have caused all the problems and 2.) Not enough glue in the seams.

The patched floor looks like JUNK in the middle of the living Room and it is a safety concern with raised and sharp edges. I had a handicap 13 years and 8 month grand daughter to worry about with the raised sharp edges.

I have notified Wilsonart of the problem but got no Response from anyone.

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