Rock Springs, Wyoming

On august 28 2013 I placed an order with my local Home Depot here in wyoming for a counter top from WILSONART the manager of Home Depot had the sales person from WILSONART on the phone for 40 minutes making sure we got the order right(I ordered a brushed copper sheet 10 ft by 4 ft) I payed for it right then and was told it would be 3 weeks well in those 3 weeks the house is finished ready to put on the market but no counter top so after calling home depot they found out that WILSONART was not going to ship the sheet out unless i payed them $280.00 for shipping the sheet was only $320.00 no were was it ever said it was going to cast anything for shipping and if they were going to charge they should have let me know up front not wait till I'm about to list the home so after 5 days on the phone with about everyone at WILSONART they are going to ship it BUT its going to be 10 more business days and I still don't know haw much shipping is.I call thet EXTORTION FROM WILSONART

Monetary Loss: $280.

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