Camden, New Jersey

My wife and I are very disappointed that Wilsonart no longer makes their 7'' plank laminate flooring. We had the Watermark Maple laminate installed in our kitchen over ten years ago and it looks as good as the day it was installed!

Not a scratch on it. Fantastic floor and feels like you're walking on wood. Many of the newer laminates feel like plastic. I know because we had some put in our daughter's room about two years ago.

If anyone has a suggestion of a current laminate that is high pressure and as scratch resistant as the Wilsonart we'd appreciate the tip as we need to do our living room and dining room areas now due to pet issues. Thanks.

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DON'T get Lamett flooring.


I love my Wilsonart laminate floor. I've had it for about 8years now and with two large dogs there are no scratches and it still looks great!

Any suggestions on other brands since they are discontinued?